Child Abuse Stinks... 

We aim to unceasingly and relentlessly raise awareness and do everything in our power, to prevent all 4 main types of abuse in children and young people.

Abuse comes in 4 main guises and a landmark study* in 2007 reported the following:

Physical Abuse:  66% of Indian children are regularly physically abused and the same amount face regular corporal punishment at school.

Emotional Abuse: Half of all Indian children report emotional abuse, mainly from parents and half of all girls report wishing they had been born a boy due to the emotional abuse they suffer being girls.

Sexual Abuse:  53% of Indian children report experiencing sexual abuse, the most at risk are those living in institutions.

Neglect - 46% of all Indian children are malnourished and the same amount do not have their basic needs met.

With these kind of figures, it is often overwhelming. Where do you start with addressing some of these problems?

That is why we are called ‘Love the One’! When the enormity of the problem overwhelms you, do what you can for those that you can help and equip as many people as you can to help more children!

We love to go to the next generation! Raising awareness in children and young people through all our projects, from the little ones in EPIC, through to our school children and the teenagers connecting with our Youth team. Age sensitive topics range from 'Stranger Danger', good and bad touch, right through to values of respect, gender equality and how to stay safe.

We also teach at every opportunity to adults about child abuse, why it is wrong in any culture and teach alternative ways of parenting children. 

When child abuse cases present in our clinics, the team get into immediate action to safeguard each child and to see the abuse stop, including reporting the case to the authorities concerned.

We want to encourage everyone in India to stand firm in the attitude that child abuse is wrong. For all of us to collectively not turn away, but to speak up against all forms of abuse and to see children's rights upheld. 

*A National Study on Child Abuse released by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in India with the support of UNICEF, Save the Children and Prayas. It covered 13 states in India and had a sample size of 12,447 children.